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Allison Perkins-Caldwell

Allison Perkins-Caldwell is the CEO and founder of Allison’s Infant & Toddler Centers, University Childcare, Little Feet Big Dreams Learning Academy, and Baby Cakes Learning Academy. She received a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, with a minor in Psychology, from Chicago State University. In 2011, she obtained a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Early Childhood Education from The University of Illinois at Chicago. Mrs. Caldwell believes in the lasting benefits of continued education and plans to pursue her PHD in Non-Profit Management beginning in 2023.

In the early 2000’s, Allison saw a news item about the violence plaguing the Englewood community, changing her life’s mission forever. Having served her country for eight years in the Army National Guard, she was intimately aware of the importance of protection and caregiving for others. The news report reflected a new perspective about the community she was born and raised in, one where her memories didn’t align with the plight escalating in Englewood. Allison knew that to help improve a community’s mindset, every solution began with its youth. She committed to taking resolute action, and in November 2004, Allison’s Infant and Toddler Center in Englewood opened its doors.   


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